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LL.B(Hons) London, M.Com(Management) U.C.Barrister of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn

Mr M M Hossain qualified as Barrister of England and Wales. Having done the full Pupillage in England, he started practising as a Barrister in England and Wales. Qualified to exercise full rights of audience before all courts in England and Wales. Specialised in Civil, Human Rights, Administrative Law including Judicial Reviews and UK Immigration law. Accredited by the Bar Council of England and Wales as immigration lawyer in 2002. He has demonstrated extensive knowledge and expertise in the UK immigration law.

Public Access Barrister

This means you can directly instruct us without a solicitor. We shall advise you if you would need to instruct us through a solicitor or not in any particular matter. Mr Hossain is registered with the Bar Council of England & Wales to provide legal services to clients as Public Access Barrister. It means members of the public can go directly to a Public Access Barrister without having to involve an instructing solicitor or other intermediary. He has successfuly helped the clients with very complicated circumstance. Mr Hossain is well known and respected in the immigrant community for his sincere, honest and devoted legal advice and services in the UK. He undertakes a lot of pro bono (charitable free service for those unable to pay) legal work in the community. He is prominent in the Asian TV media in the UK and Europe. Regularly provides free legal advice on Bangla TV live shows on legal rights, particularly on immigration, nationality and asylum law related matters. He encourages migrants to seek professional legal advice about their applications and problems. Also advises migrants to enter the UK with genuine intention and makes aware of consequences of breaking the immigration law. He is involved in human rights activities and acting as Secretary General of the UK based Human Rights International . He is involved with this since 1994. Prominent UK Human Rights leader and labour MP for 25 Years Rt Honorable Robbert Perry was the founder President of the organization. Mr Hossain attended the UN general assembly of the Human Rights Commission in Geneva and various meetings at the UN in New York. He has keen interest in human rights legal development in the countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. This is why he has participated in the popular Bangladeshi TV Talk Show “Triotio Matra” of the Channel i, “Hello Bangladesh “ and “Anno Dristi “of the ATN Bangla and other talk shows in the UK bases Asian TV channels, for a number of times. His views for development of legal system, politics and human rights have been highly appreciated by the viewers.