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Our Strategy

Reliance Education Worldwide, Chittagong, Bangladesh is able to provide all relevant assistance to students regarding their foreign education, student visa, career and many more. We can also help the potential students with the research proposal, scholarships etc. Through our Chittagong, Dhaka & UK offices we can provide the same consultancy service to any student from any part of the world. You can also get more ideas about our service mentioned below:
  1. General Consultation Service You come to our office, discuss about your present study plan, and get better ideas about the best options that suites to you. You may ask questions whatever you want to know about general requirements to study abroad, how to take preparation to be enrolled at a reputed university, immigration process, etc.
  2. Information Service You are just looking for the information to study, travel or settle down in a foreign country, because you think that manage your admission/ registration/immigration process by your own. You also get: *An assessment of your CV, previous and current academic background, job experience and you get an expert opinion with complete guideline about your study plan *Information about the university/college & courses or the country that best suit of you *Information about Admission/Registration requirements including tuition fees, accommodation, cost of living *Required information to process visa/ entry clearance from the respective high commission/ embassy *Pre-departure and post arrival tips about the country.
  3. Total Counselling Service You think that you are less able to process admission and visa for your chosen country. The REW will help you stage by stage to be successful in your foreign mission. In this service you get all of above facilities, means a total counseling service until you enrollment and getting visa from the respective high commission or embassy. It also includes: * All research works for suitable university on behalf of you *Guiding how to get well prepared about the required documents for enrollment and student visa *Helping about successful admission/registration * Collecting acceptance letter and other documents from overseas institutions *Guiding about legal documents as per the immigration rules to obtain visa * Checking the documents before submission visa application Contacting with foreign office, embassy or school regarding all required correspondence *Providing logistic Supports e.g computer typing, scan, printing or photocopy from GSC office *Providing pre-departure & post arrival assistance
General Terms & Conditions. *REW is committed to provide a 100% honest and transparent service to its client. It never deals any third party transactions e.g. dealing with tuition fees between university and student. *REW cannot provide any assurance regarding outcome of the visa application to any high commission/embassy. * Under 18 student must provide parents written consent to take the service. *REW would not be responsible for any third party dealing e.g. tuition fees, air ticket etc. *REW reserves its discretionary power to register or refuse to register of any applicant *Applicant will be prosecuted or law enforcement agencies will be informed for any anti- social behavior. *Any student/employee wants to take the services must obey the above mentioned rules.