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Organizational Profile

Reliance Education Worldwide is one of the renowned international education consultancy firms which assisting overseas students to get admissions into different foreign universities since 2004.

Reliance Education   helps all Bangladeshi students to get admission into ranked British (United Kingdom), Australian, Canadian, Ireland and American Universities. At the same time, we have a very strong relationship with our partner Malaysian, Hungary and Chinese Universities. Our work ethics force us to ensure free quality of admission advises to them who are in need of help to get an acceptance from foreign universities."Our academic consultants are highly professional and enough experienced as they are properly trained by University Admission Team and British Council".

Through our UK office, we help all other nationalities to get their fastest admission in the British Universities. It’s our privileged to announce that our visa success rate is excellent and many universities have appreciated our mode of works as we assess every single case carefully and advise our students to choose the best suitable universities for them ".

At present, Reliance is operating in two (2) countries which are located in Bangladesh, and the UK. We have been in the field more than 10 years and during this time we have developed a strong network between our students, associates and partner institutes. No matter where you are located now, we are available to hear your voice through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s app and Viber to find and bring the best solution for you. You can reach us through our contact numbers as well from anywhere in the world.

We are very careful toward our students’ satisfaction. To ensure the best quality of services on due time, we work precisely & concisely. Our UK office is known as a Support Hub to all our international students. It is located in New Road, Whitechaple, United Kingdom and the staffs of this office are always helpful to ensure the best solution to our students. "Because we believe, if there is a problem, of course there will be a solution as well, that’s why we are here to support".

Our services help our students to be benefited beyond the realms of ordinary agents working from abroad. Our best practice is to make the whole application process easier. We are keen to ensure fastest and quality services to keep our students satisfied. To make the admission process easier and faster, we help our students to choose the best suitable university and course for them. Along with, all key services i.e. application paper works to make everything correct and faster, we assist our students to apply for the Visa application, Book Air ticket and their accommodation (if needed).